About Us


Founded in 2005 by Menno Peachey, our mission has always been simple: To be the best construction company in Montana. But we don’t want to be known as “just” a construction company, we have a higher goal in mind. We want to be the construction company that builds the home that lets our customers live the life they really dream of. We’re passionate about not only what we do, but how we do it. We love what we do. We love where we live. We love the lifestyle we get to live because of that combination. And we want you to experience the same joy and love in your life as well.


Our mission is to deliver every project with quality service.imply craftsmanship to build lasting buildings and relationships by preserving the past to build the future.

About our Founder and President
Menno Peachey:

“Growing up in the Amish community in central Pennsylvania, I got a first-hand look at timber-frame construction from an early age. From playing hide-and-seek in my grandfather’s barn, to stacking hay in the hayloft, and then helping out at community barn-raisings, I was always in and around these magnificent timber buildings. When I was 18, I got a job as an apprentice carpenter, and really started to learn what it takes to make building, put together with nothing but wooden pegs, stand 100, 200, even 300 years. Then, what I thought was going to be just a job slowing became a passion.

I moved to Montana to take advantage of all the incredible outdoor activities that are available here. And when I moved here, I also realized that I really have a love for crafting homes that are going to last just as long as those timber-frame buildings I grew up in. Just as important as crafting the home, I realized that I love watching someone enjoy what I created for them. I also found out that I love to teach! That combination is why I started Peachey Construction-to do what I love, in a place I love, to give people a place that they love, and to show others how to do the same.”


We are proud to be part of the People's Choice Awards for the Helena Parade of Homes! Click the button below to see our awards and other beautiful homes.